More about juggling group Kruhová parabola

Juggling group Kruhová parabola originated in Prague in 2005 because of the necessity of getting together already skilled jugglers and creating conditions for realisation inexhaustible reserve of the new tricks and ideas. About a year later the members of the group began to do their shows together and to arrange their first workshops. Nowadays Kruhová parabola is an instituted company which is often invited to do its shows or workshops on the festivals not even in the Czech Republic but all over the world.

The juggling group Kruhová parabola

Next to the evolving their skills Kruhová parabola has an urgent need of impart its experiences to the absolute beginners as well as to the advanced jugglers. The members try to propagate and non-commercially popularize juggling as a free time and self-fulfillment activity.

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The members of Kruhová parabola

Jaroslav Kotil

Jaroslav Kotil

One of the founders of this group began to juggle in 2001 when he get to know a diabolo - at that time still quite unknown in the Czech Republic. After the years of training and visiting juggling meetings he became interested also in the classic juggling - especially in the passing with clubs, so in 2008 he began his practise in the contact juggling.

Ondřej Holba - Kruhová parabola

Ondřej Holba

He has been juggling for 5 years. Nowadays he visits 2nd class of HAMU (Academy of the Arts) where he studies mimic and physical theatre, acrobatics, contemporary circus, dance and clownery. Next to the classic juggling with the balls and clubs he specializes himself in contact juggling with crystalball and also in fire poi spinning.

Ondra Fabian - Kruhová parabola

Ondřej Fabian

He began to juggle about 5 years later. Nowadays he works as a instructor of juggling in KC Zahrada, in the studio of Švandovo theatre and in DDM Pexeso.

Tomáš Kořínek - Kruhová parabola

Tomáš Kořínek

He began to juggle about 8 years later when he get to know a diabolo. Later he bacame interested also in other disciplines like juggling with the clubs or riding a monocycle but the diabolo is still on the first place for him and after the years of training he belongs to the masters of this discipline.

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